“Infinite Lines” consists of images of waterfalls from Craemer’s travels around the world, including Hawaii, Iceland, South Africa, Yosemite and the Dominican Republic.  In the days or weeks following a photographic journey, visions from her experience begin to build and drive the editing process resulting in a single, unique composition.

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The theme and goal in all of Christina Craemer’s work is to create a sanctuary for meditation. Her unique ability to engulf and transport the viewer by creating powerful images of peace and refuge is nothing less than magical and inspirational. Christina Craemer continues to explore the natural wonder of every fall, the excitement of the journey to discover the magic and power of each drop of water and the distinct energy and emotion that each environment naturally creates. She strives to bring the beauty and majesty of these phenomenal natural wonders to life through various mediums. “I love both the photographic medium and the gestural process of painting. I feel each has a quality that represents the actual experience, but in different ways. One is more literal while the other is more transformative. Each represents for me the emotion of the experience of my journey on the planet and through this artistic process.”